Lady Dahlia

Artis Maj Melidi (adoptive father), 







Female (she/her)

Corbha of Sris Nimach-Lovach (Old Rendroxjan: [kɔɾ.ʋa] of [sɾis] [ni.max] []) (present-day Cricni Maklovak, Rendroxja), is a sanguiren nun and sacrist born on 7 Culling 591 AE at the Abbey of Sacred Pomegranates, Babh Aran, Rendroxja (present-day Ubešijol, Bavàran, Rendroxja). She was later dedicated to the Abbey of Sacred Apples in Sris Nimach-Lovach, where she lived until 9 Culling in 620 AE.

Corbha is a sanguiren: the child of a mortal, whiteblooded woman and a blood spirit (sanguire). Being half-spirit, half-mortal, Corbha and others like her possess several traits which make them formidable and deadly foes. However, most sanguiren are bound to a religious institution from birth and will serve there for their entire lives in various capacities as nuns, monks, priests, and similar whilst passively maintaining their role as the conduits by which whitebloods may become redbloods. Like most sanguiren, Corbha has black hair, crystalline-blue eyes, sea-grey skin, and red blood, along with pointed ears turned upward. She is of average height and slight but strong build


Born on the seventh day of the month of Culling in the year 591 AE, Corbha is the daughter of an unnamed Wife of the Sacred Apple who died shortly after delivering Corbha. Her father, whom she shares with her siblings, is the Sanguire of the Sacred Apple. Although most sanguiren are born at the institution at which they will eventually serve, due to a series of territorial disputes with Patriarch Lukni of the Brisian Empire, Corbha’s mother was sent to the Abbey of Sacred Pomegranates along with several other Wives to give birth. Once the dispute was resolved in Leafing of 592, Corbha was returned to the Abbey of Sacred Apples and remained there until the events of 9 Culling 620 AE. While at the Abbey, Corbha was trained as a sacrist, helping to keep vestments and other temple items clean, organised, and maintained. Due to her young age, she also assisted in helping her aging siblings care for other parts of the Abbey, such as the orchard and brewery. Because Infirmarers Mhleca and Đusca were sick at the time of Ogni’s birth, Corbha assisted Sabha and Unaid with his delivery.


Corbha is dedicated to her role in the Red Pact—the holy book of her religion—and her role at the Abbey. She holds immense respect and care for her siblings, all of whom share a father, and considers their happiness and security to be of the utmost import. She frequently worries about how she will maintain the Abbey in the future as each of her siblings is at least twenty-four years her senior or, with Ogni’s birth, her junior. Corbha strongly dislikes liars, entitlement, showboating, and sacrilege. She takes the Red Pact very seriously and is borderline legalistic in her interpretations of religious doctrine. While she views non-sanguiren as equal and important members of society, she finds distasteful their tendency to treat herself and her siblings as oddities or relics of the past.



  • Metalweaving

  • Sculpture

  • Dance


  • Recitation

  • Rhetoic and eloquence

  • Literature

  • Singing

  • Calligraphy

  • Conversation


  • History

  • Philosophy