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Emory Glass is an artist, worldbuilder, and author. Her dark fantasy novelette FALL, SACRED APPLE can be read in the Visions of Darkness​ anthology by Kyanite Publishing. Her flash fiction collection THIRTY-THREE TALES OF WAR finished its run in Worldbuilding Magazine in December 2020 and is now available for free on her blog, and her web serial MARROW is available for free in the same location.

A lifelong owner of a vivid imagination, Emory's first literary love was epic fantasy. At age thirteen, she discovered epics of the gloomier variety and resolved to write her own series of dark fantasy stories: THE CHROMA BOOKS.

Alongside writing, Emory loves tea, learning Scottish Gaelic, and creating videos about writing for her YouTube channel, WriterPunk. She is pursuing a degree in Business Administration so she may one day achieve her secondary goal of opening an indie press.